Congratulatory address of the Leader of the Nation

Congratulatory address of the Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon in honor of the 31st anniversary of State Independence

Dear compatriots!

The State Independence of Tajikistan - this historical event, which brought fundamental and fateful changes to the life of the ancient Tajik nation, thanks to this life-affirming phenomenon our people managed to take the reins of their destiny and the future national state into their hands, is 31 years old.

In honor of this sacred and great holiday, I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, congratulate the glorious people of Tajikistan and all our compatriots abroad.

State Independence has created a unique historical opportunity for our people to unite under their national flag, through cohesive, creative work, to solve the most difficult problems and remove the most intricate obstacles, to lead our beloved country to a stage of sustainable socio-economic development.

Thanks to the selfless efforts of patriotic citizens of the country, the foundations of a new Tajik state as a democratic, legal, secular and social one were laid, our country received recognition on the world scene, and, most importantly, favorable conditions were created for the development of all spheres of society, further raising the level and improving the quality of life of the population.

During the period of independence, despite the negative impact of crisis factors and various international processes, the economic and social development of the country was ensured.

Reforms and updates were carried out in the fields of science and education, culture and healthcare, industry and agriculture, and other areas of public life, and mutually beneficial cooperation between Tajikistan and various countries of the world began to expand.

State Independence has brought Tajikistan closer to the world and the world closer to Tajikistan, and the policy of "open doors" has led to an unprecedented increase in the authority and reputation of Tajikistan at the international level.

The implementation of such a far-sighted policy contributed to the comprehensive strengthening of Tajikistan's relations with all countries of the world, especially with the countries of the region.

During this period, the Government of the country directed all its efforts to create decent living conditions for every inhabitant of the country, carried out many activities, using all resources and opportunities to solve problems and tasks in social spheres, including science and education, culture and healthcare, problems of youth and women, supporting the needy sections of society, attracting as many teenagers and youth as possible to quality education, educating them in the spirit of patriotism and high national feeling.

As a result, over more than three decades, we have made achievements that are directly related to the further development of our independent state.

Rescue of the new independent state of Tajiks from the abyss of destruction, liberation of the Tajik people from decay, ensuring peace, tranquility and national unity are our most important achievements in this period.

The historical dreams and aspirations of the Tajik nation, its goals and plans today and tomorrow can only be realized in conditions of peace and tranquility, in a free homeland and in a sovereign state.

Therefore, I proudly declare that the preservation of national statehood is the greatest and most sacred achievement in the recent history of the Tajik people, and peace and tranquility are the most valuable gift in the life of our people.

After the restoration of peace and stability, we have focused all our efforts on creating an integral governance structure, a competent Government, a professional Parliament, a national army, military and law enforcement agencies and other necessary pillars of statehood in accordance with modern standards.

In this process, the Constitution and symbols of an independent state were adopted - the flag, coat of arms and anthem, which are the pride of our people.

Today Tajikistan has diplomatic and friendly relations with 180 countries of the world and is a full member of 57 international and regional organizations.

The role of our state, especially in influential organizations, is considered effective and constructive in addressing pressing issues of global and regional importance, such as ensuring security, stability, environmental and climate health.

We are satisfied that most countries recognize the position and initiatives of Tajikistan as a leading country in matters of water, climate and glacier protection, and cooperate with us on this constructive path.

The mentioned achievements are undoubtedly the result of the independence and sovereignty of our country for 31 years and have become the main basis for changing the image of the state, enhancing its influence and authority in the international arena.

Our glorious people, who have proudly passed more than thirty years of path, full of obstacles and problems, but proud of history, know perfectly well that, having emerged from the most difficult period of the imposed civil war, restoring the foundations of statehood, paralyzed and inactive state structures, they understand what a huge effort it is demanded for the status and position of the Tajik state today.

Another crucial step in the construction of the modern Tajik state was the correct choice of the form and structure of statehood.

Based on the historical and political realities of the past and present, taking into account the present and future national-state interests, the people of Tajikistan, by their free will, chose the path of building a democratic, legal, secular and social state, forever expressed their decisive vote, which is recorded in the first article of the Constitution .

Now Tajikistan is moving forward with confident steps in the process of building the state system of its choice.

The accumulated experience and events taking place today in the modern world prove once again that the form and structure of our state is the right and far-sighted choice, and this idea itself has become one of the main foundations of the peaceful life of society.

During the period of independence, the Government of the country built roads, bridges and tunnels, hydroelectric power stations, hundreds of small and large industrial enterprises, laid down a modern communication, energy and industrial infrastructure of the country, created a unified energy system and turned Tajikistan divided into three parts into a single territory and a transit country.

In the proud moments of the blessed celebration of State Independence, it is important to remember the glorious path traveled by our people, to celebrate the fundamental achievements of the state and the people of Tajikistan, because we must continue to be united and provide reliable protection for the achievements that we have gained at the moment.

Because the increasing clash of geopolitical interests in the modern world, the unstable state of the world economy, acute food shortages, the rise in food prices around the planet, as well as the rapid disarmament and the resumption of the Cold War, the problems associated with climate change and the spread of infectious diseases are prompting us to take an active part in the implementation of national strategic goals, primarily in protecting the country's food security, implementing plans and solving the tasks we face.

In the confused and turbulent situation of the modern world, every informed citizen of Tajikistan should understand what a great blessing we have achieved thanks to independence and sovereignty, peace, stability and national unity.

In other words, it is necessary that every patriotic citizen of our Motherland with a deep understanding of the dignity and significance of independence and freedom, with sincere and patriotic efforts, should strive to improve the land inherited from our ancestors, strengthen the economic potential of our sovereign state and the eternal waving of the national flag.

It is very important for us to know the price of our dear Motherland - Tajikistan and our independent state, not to forget that only having an independent state, we can occupy a worthy position in society.

Along with the great and crucial achievements, we still have questions and problems that need to be solved, we will solve all this ourselves - by solidarity and collective efforts, constructive and selfless work, with gratitude for the peace and tranquility of our free Motherland and independent state.

Addressing my dear compatriots, I emphasize that we must love our Motherland - paradise-like Tajikistan with our soul, because every inch of the sacred and golden land, its pure springs and waters are a source of food and blessing for our families, the high-sky mountains are our support and refuge, a source of pride, the glorious name of our Motherland is considered a symbol of piety and inspiration.

We, the children of Tajikistan, with our united work will improve our Motherland and this land inherited from our ancestors, we will develop our sovereign state and bolster its position and authority in the world arena.

Once again, I sincerely congratulate the patriotic and purposeful people of our country and foreign compatriots on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of State Independence.

I wish happiness, well-being, good luck, abundance to all the families of the inhabitants of the country, and to our dear Tajikistan - peace and tranquility, political stability, eternal national unity, even greater development and prosperity.

Long live the holiday of gaining your own state, free and independent, dear compatriots!


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